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A car crashes through the railing of a bridge, destroying a politician’s career as his young friend drowns.

Bridges have served cinema well for the past century by providing dramatic settings for poignant moments.

Rarely does a movie character just cross a bridge to get to the other side.

Instead, the passage over a bridge often signifies some kind of —a transition into a new phase of life, connection with a new person, or confrontation with danger or even death.

Indeed, “God has mysteriously arranged it so that the greatness of man is born of effort, responsibility, sacrifice, and mutual aid. The danger for modern man is that he would reduce the earth to a desert, the person to an automaton, brotherly love to planned collectivization, often introducing death where God wishes life.”“St. He held four of those General Audiences, devoting three to the three theological virtues of faith, hope and love.

We can tell a man’s worth by the way he reacts to misfortune. Paul did not have faith; in fact, he persecuted believers. His faith catechesis, from September 13, is particularly illuminating.

Both have been credited for “humanizing the papacy,” personalizing a “culture of encounter” by making phone calls, letter writing, and impromptu chatter. ’ Paul surrendered; he changed, he turned his own life upside down.” These three quotes could easily be read from the respective canons of the three popes who came after John Paul I, yet they are all his own quotations from 1978.

In these letters and his other writings, it is clear Albino Luciani’s vision was not of monumental policies or sprawling exhortations, but emphasis on the individual’s striving in everyday life to love thy neighbor just a little bit more than yesterday, and in doing so, “seek the face of Christ.” The “full flowering of a renaissance in Catholic thought” as George Weigel defined the Wojtyla-Ratzinger years in 2011, could only have been made possible by the papacy of John Paul I, short-lived as it was.

He was the one who unlocked the door of bringing the Church into the new millennium, a door opened and realized by Wojtyla and carried on by Ratzinger and Bergoglio—who remarkably, as Pope Emeritus Benedict and Pope Francis, are carrying it on together, at the same time. “John XXIII and Paul VI are a stage to which I wish to refer directly as a threshold from which I intent to continue, in a certain sense together with John Paul I, into the future,” wrote John Paul II in in 1979.

Vincenza Taffarel discovered John Paul in his bed on the morning of September 28, dead from a heart attack. A 33-day papacy was soon to give way to a near 27-year one.

“Progress in love” was the final phrase from John Paul I at the Wednesday September 27, 1978 General Audience. But in just a short time Pope John Paul II, the man “from a far away country,” made it seem like he had always been the Bishop of Rome.

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